K G Richardson paintings of California
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Setting a Palette

Setting a palette is necessary for a well organized, clean palette. Use a palette that is of a neutral, medium value. if you use a white palette your colors will appear darker than they actually are. If you use a dark palette your colors will appear lighter than they are. Clean your palette when you are done painting for the day. I place any unused paint in the refrigerator in a sealable Tupperware container. The paint will remain usable for several days.

I am comfortable with a rectangular palette. I shaped the palette to fit the interior dimensions of my french easel. You may prefer a larger oval palette. Look at self portraits of past masters to form your own opinion.

My palette is composed of 1/4 inch oak plywood. Make sure the the hole for your thumb is a comfortable size and shape.

I place my white above my medium and turpentine cups. Then my warm colors: yellows, oranges, reds and browns across the top of the palette.

Down the left of my palette the cool colors: blues, greens, violet.

Along the bottom of my palette I place my three grey tones. The black is ivory black, which is blacker than black. It is as black as Washington Black.

(a tip of the hat to Pysch)

Set up a Palette